Arduino UNO/MEGA Simulator

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Simuino is an Arduino UNO/MEGA Pin Simulator. It comes in two version, terminal and web. Download the terminal version if you prefer to run Simuino from a terminal window on your Linux computer. Web version is available on Github.

Try your code on a real board: Arduino UNO R3 (Ebay affiliate link)

Run your sketches and evaluate in/out status of the digital and analog pins.It is also possible to construct scenarios regarding analogRead, digitalRead and External Interrupts,

The purpose is to give anybody new to the Arduino concept, a possiblity to learn the basics of writing sketches. You can verify the functionality without having the Arduino board available. Simuino runs the sketch and shows the status of the digital, analog pins and serial output.

Below some screenshots of both versions of Simuino.

and  Arduino UNO

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