Admin Mode

Command Description Example
exit exit Simuino
help show command list in Message window
win  <mode> Set window layout.
Mode = 0,1,2,3,4
win 3
load Load sketch. load
list List available sketches.
Selected is marked with ‘>’

run   Enter Run Mode run

info  <par> Parameters:
scen        show scenario data
loop         show loop information
error show Servuino errors
g++ show compilation errors
info scen

Run Mode

 f  step forward
 b  step backward
 r  loop forward
 o  loop reset
 p  loop backward
 a  goto first step
 z  goto last step
 t  step to next analogRead/digitalRead

Animation(realtime time delay):
 R  loop forward
 P  loop backward
 G  step through scenario

Scenario breakpoints:
 y  View Scenario Breakpoints
 x  Expanded view of Scenario Breakpoints
 v  set value analogRead/digitalRead
    Current step must be one step before Read
    Use 't' to step between Read events.

 w  toggles window layout mode.

 c  show current configuration
 d  show scenario delay overview
 l   show loop information
 s  debug Sketch source code
 q  quit Run Mode, enter Admin Mode. 
 h  show this information