Get started (with terminal version of Simuino)

Simuino works on any Debian linux. Recommendation: Ubuntu 14.04 or later


Step 1:

First, install latest version of Simuino using GIT. You may need to install git (apt-get install git):


git clone

cd simuino


git clone

Step 2:
Install linux package:

apt-get install ncurses-dev

Step 3:

Compile Simuino:

g++ -o simuino simuino.c -lncurses

Step 4:


Start Simuino:

Start a terminal window and maximize the size of the terminal window.

Type: ./simuino


Now Simuino is started in Admin Mode. (The prompter starts with an A).

A typical use case is:

Type 'help' to get a list of available commands.

1. Type 'list' to see available sketches

2. Choose sketch according to number given in list, type <number> and return.

3. Type 'load' to load (copy/compile/run) the sketch

4. Type 'run' to enter Run Mode. The prompter changes to R.

In Run Mode, you can step through the simulation in different ways.

  • f - step forward
  • b - step backward
  • r - loop forward
  • p - loop backward
  • a - goto step 1
  • z - goto last step
  • t - analogRead/digitalRead stepping
  • R - animation of loop
  • s - debug window

Press 'h' to see the list of available commands.

You can quickly switch between window layouts by pressing 'w' . There are 6 different to choose between. The digit in the prompter shows the number of the window layout (0,1,2,3,4,5).

Note: Sketches should be placed in folder  <your path>/simuino/sketchbook. Sketches should be added with comments according to Simuino configuration, in order to control simulation length, scenario and name of sketch. The extension of the sketch file is .ino .