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Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring for more information about NILM

Below, a typical 24 hour electric power consumption.

This project is using a RaspberryPi to gather information about the electric consumption given by an electric meter. The RPi is also used as a webserver presenting historical data of the energy consumption. The electric meter interface is a pulsating led (wavelength may vary, but often IR)

System architecture:

Software components:
  • c-code:  
    • Platform RaspberryPi
    • Detect puls from IR-sensor
    • Local log of power consumption data
    • Send data to web server
  • php-code: 
    • Platform Webserver
    • Log data received from clients
    • Presentation of data
Hardware components:
  • RaspberryPi
  • Sensor hardware to interface electric meter:

System Configuration:

Setting up the RPi with correct software (OS,application,etc.) and configuration

Below is a picture of the web application presentation of current consumption. It automatically updates every second (AJAX technology).