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Bluetooth HC-06


This article describes how to connect the HC-06 Bluetooth module with an Arduino board in order to set the module name, baudrate and pin code.
The AT-commands to be used is described below. Verify the changes by any Bluetooth scanning device such as a smartphone.


  1. Connect the HC-06 to the breadboard and wire the 4 cables according to the figure below. TX <-> D7, RX <-> D8
  2. Power up the arduino
  3. Start Arduino IDE and select correct Tools/Serial Port
  4. Install the Arduino sketch below.
  5. Start the Serial Monitor in Arduino IDE. The AT command: AT shall be answered with OK from the HC-06.
  6. In the serial MOnitor, type AT+NAMEyourdevicename and the HC-06 shall answer with OKname.
  7. Continue to send the AT commands you want to execute.

AT Commands:

 Command Response Default
 AT+NAMEyourdevicename OKname linvor
 AT+PINxxxx OKsetpin 1234
 AT+BAUD1 OK1200 
 AT+BAUD2 OK2400  
 AT+BAUD3 OK4800 
 AT+BAUD4 OK9600 9600
 AT+BAUD5 OK19200 
 AT+BAUD6 OK38400 
 AT+BAUD7 OK57600 
 AT+BAUD8 OK115200 

Component List

  1. Arduino board
  2. HC-06 Bluetooth module
  3. Breadboard
  4. 4 cables (red, black, green, yellow)



// Arduino Sketch


#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(7,8); // RX, TX

void setup()



  pinMode(10,OUTPUT); digitalWrite(10,HIGH);

  Serial.println("Enter AT commands:");



  Serial.println("Entered AT!");


void loop()


 if (mySerial.available())




 if (Serial.available())






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